Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Tobit 3:1-11,16-17; Ps 25 To you O lord, I lift my soul; Mark 12:18-27

"Grief-stricken in spirit. I. Tobit. groaned and wept aloud.  Then with sobs I began to pray..."

It is this experience of grief, groaning, and sobs that moves Tobit to his knees.  Having been humbled by the circumstances of life, having been brought low, with head bowed and knees bent, Tobit finds himself in the proper disposition to pray.

We look at Sarah, who also finds herself in a circle of abuse and insults.  Seven husbands have been taken to her bridal chamber and seven husbands have been found dead that same very night.   The girl, as scripture describes, "was deeply saddened that day, and she went into an upper room of her house where she planned to hang herself."

Again, like Tobit, finds herself brought low by the circumstances of life, humbled and bowed low, with hands stretched outward and upward, Sarah discovers the path way to prayer open wide.

Scripture tell us the following, "At that very time, the prayer of these two suppliants as heard in the glorious presence of Almighty God. So Raphael was sent to heal them both."

Prayers sent upward are heard in the glorious presence of God.  God has a plan to bring about healing, a plan that neither Tobit or Sarah could have anticipated.

But, never was Sarah and Tobit asked to understand God's plan or even anticipate God's plan, but simply surrender to his plan and allow the plan to unfold in their life in God's time.

Once again we see the beauty of time and God's grace working together to bring about harmony and peace.

Again we are reminded of the words of Jesus in the gospel for today that God is "not God of the dead but God of the living."

He is God of the living, and we are no closer to being alive then we brought low in life we open ourselves to prayer.

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