Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Ex 16:1-5,9-15; PS 24 The Lord gave them bread from heaven; Mt 13:1-9

The journey from slavery to freedom is never easy.  We all celebrate freedom in our life.  We all romanticize about being free.

Yet the price freedom is often very challenging and difficult.  Freedom is not easy, nor is it free.

The people of Israel experience this challenging and difficult path quite intimately as they leave Egypt and enter into the dry arid land of the desert.

They are overcome with resentment and greed.  What they don't like about the present situation quickly mask the pain of the past, so much so they would rather be slaves then free men.

They find themselves entering into that ole familiar chorus "it used to be better."

How often in our life do we sing that song as we fight the present circumstances of life?  How often we think to ourselves it would have been only if we  (fill in the blank).  When the present is difficult we forsake it for the past that is out of reach.

Why do we do these silly senseless things when God simply invites us to give the present a chance!

The gift of the manna is intimately wrapped up in living in the moment regardless of the circumstances.

The ISraelites were instructed to go out and gather the manna each morning but to gather only what they needed for the day.  WIth God it is always just enough for just a day, one day at a time.

Of course, why not?  We can only live one day at a time?  When we try to live more than we get overwhelmed and grow sick mentally and physically?

Just enough for just a day is the refrain God invites the Israelites to sing. Freedom requires a new song to be sung daily in our life.

Freedom is only embraced moment by moment, day by day.

This is the bread the Lord has given.

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