Monday, April 28, 2014


Acts 4:23-31; Ps 2 BLessed are all who take refuge in the lord; John 3:1-8

Peter and his group has been arrested for speaking about Jesus and God's will for humanity.  THey were order not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus.  However Peter andJohn said that it would be impossible to keep quiet and not share what they have seen and heard.  So they were threatened once again before they were released.

Upon returning to the community, they reported what had happened then they___________  what?

Fill in the blank.

What did they do next according the Acts of the Apostles.

BElow you will find some multiple choice answers to choose from:

Did they

a) complain about their unfair treatment

b) were filled with sadness and grief about the unjust arrest and accusations and threats

c)find a lawyer to defend them because their freedom of speech was being abused by authorities

d)They decided to move to a safer place to carry on their mission

e) They prayed for strength to continue to good fight, to run the race

The answer is e).  They prayed for strength and they boasted in God's mighty hand so much so the place shook and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

What do we do when things get tough and obstacles arise?
Do we cry foul?  Do we pout about unfairness?  Or do we pray and continue to speak boldly about the mighty works of God?

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