Friday, February 13, 2015


Genesis 3:1-8; Ps 32 Blessed are those whose sins are forgiven; Mark 7:31-37

What kind of clothes does the devil wear?

We have all seen or heard the movie "The devil wears Prada."
But does the devil do as such?

As we turn our attention to the story of salvation and we gaze into the third chapter of Genesis we discover something interesting about the ancient nemesis of goodness.

The devil may or may not wear prada but the devil does wear camouflage.

The devil loves to be in disguise.  The devil is enticing, charming, flashy sometimes, not so flashy others.  The devil comes with honeyed tones that are music to our ears.  The devil slithers into our life with that fork tongue of deception, unobtrusive, subtle, always trying to catch us unaware or throw us off guard.

It is always music to our ears with the devil, just enough to gets us to look at the bait that is dangled before us and just a few more singles like a fisherman's line, then we take the bait.

St Paul describes it as tickling to the ears.

The devil wears camouflage.  St Peter put it best, "the devil is on prowl"  stalking the prey.

The devil introduces doubt  in to God's trustworthiness.  That becomes the the crack in the amour that leads Adam and Eve down a slippery slope that has affected us all.

The devil wear camouflage.

This is why we beg the Lord to open our ears to his truth as he does of the man unable to hear in the gospel.  JEsus comes to tune our ears to his voice that we might recognize the hint of doubt in the subtle lie and hold firm to the truth He has laid before us.

The Devil wear Camouflage but God is always a straight shooter.

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