Sunday, March 27, 2011

Give something To drink

Jesus in his conversation with the Samaritan at the well ask her to give him something to drink. St Augustine in his commentary on this passage tells us that Jesus ask for a drink because He is thirsting for her faith.

Think about that for a moment. How often we ask Jesus to do things for us? How often we are on the seeking and wanting end of the conversation with God, yet we seldom reflect on the fact that Jesus also is on the seeking end or the wanting end. Jesus wants something from us. He is thirsting for our faith!

Have we given him something to drink? Have we sought to quench his thirst for faith?

What a marvelous way to live out lent seeking to quench the thirst of Jesus by living out our faith boldly and courageously refusing to be stymied.

The Samaritan women leaves the well and goes and tells everyone about Jesus. By her changed life she quenched the thirst of Jesus. He gives her living water of faith and she in turn gives to others. In giving she quenched the desire of Christ.

Instead of thinking about what you desire for God to do or what you desire to change this lent, spend a few moments thinking about what God desires. What does God desire but nothing less than a drink or a drop of faith from us.

Give him something to drink and never thirst again. In giving we receive!

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