Sunday, March 24, 2013

holy week

Luke 22:14-23:56

every year we begin holy week with the proclamation and participation in the passion narrative of JEsus.

this year we here St. Luke's version of the passion of Christ as he journey through the city on the path to Calvary and beyond.

Has you meditate on the passion the one thing that jumped out to me was the realization of the way the apostles behaved at the supper that night of nights.

As JEsus tells them that one of them was going to betray him, as they let the info sink in all they apostles could do was argue about who was greater or more important.

How typical of us all to try to make everything about us. How typical for us to think that our life is about our selves.  How typical like the apostles we focus on our wants, our desires, our plan rather than on God's will, God's wants, God's desire, God's plan for us.

Yet it is JEsus Crucified that exemplifies what it looks like to keep God at the center of our lives no matter the circumstances.  Every step of the way JEsus is focused on one thing, God's will for him.   Jesus gives and perseveres in giving all the way to the end.  JEsus never says he can't take it any more or he has had enough, he just gives.

IF we are going to make this week holy, then we too must move beyond ourselves.  We must allow the circumstances of our life regardless of what they are to stretch us beyond our comfort zone.

We are invited to take all of our annoyances, irritations, frustrations with life and those around us and unite it to the redemptive work of Christ.

Here we realize that suffering endured for the sake of the other offered to God becomes life giving, it brings about a true transformation.

Only in this way, the way of Christ crucified, does goodness, peace, love, forgiveness begin to reign in our lives and only this way does the proclamation of the kingdom echo forth not with words but with the very lives we lead.

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