Saturday, March 16, 2013

point or lift the finger

John 8:1-11

It is often important to have a reference point when it comes to the gospel.  As we look at the woman caught in adultery, there is one critique of JEsus that comes to mind.

Throughout the gospel as Jesus interacts with the scribes and pharisees, there is one consistent response and critique he offers to them.

Jesus often points out to them that they love to lay down the law and point the direction people need to be headed or living but seldom do they lift a finger to help them arrive at the destination.

They point the finger of blame but not lift the finger of mercy and aid.

Another critique is they often  stare down in shame and imprison others in their judgments but seldom look forward to future possibility of transformation that opens up as we journey.

JEsus always chooses the latter: he lifts finger to help and looks forward to transformation that awaits.
For me the most prominent example is seen in the way of the cross in particular the fifth station of the cross traditionally known as Simon helps Jesus carry the cross.

We often misunderstand this station.  Initially we think it is about SImon helping Jesus, that one of us as entered the trenches with Jesus to assist him on his way.

This reflection is only secondary. Primarily it is Jesus who enters the trenches for us.  It isn't Simon who  helps carry Jesus' cross but it is JEsus who comes to carry the cross of humanity represented in the person of Simon.

JEsus lifts a finger to come to our aid.  As he walks to calvary he is not just looking at the death that will come but the resurrection that awaits and the future of possibilities that will open wide for humanity.   The grace of the resurrection will offer aid to humanity that they may have life and have it abundantly and offer the gift his joy that our joy may be compete.

He looks forward to this new thing that is about to befall humanity.

This is why JEsus invites us to deepest reality of our lives int he gospel when he says those words, "he who is without sin let him throw the first stone."  IT is an invitation to the great solidarity, we are all sinners.  IT is here alone we discover true compassion and the strength to no longer point to finger but lift the finger of aid, to join in the mission of Christ who enters the trenches and who is committed to offering aid that we might arrive at the future filled with possibilities: life abundant and joy complete.

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