Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Romans 5:12-21; Ps 40 Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will; Luke 12:35-38

St. Paul invites us to reflect on the influence that one can bring into the world, both negative in bringing every one  down or positive, lifting others up.

In Adam the human race was drastically altered.  In that brief moment of indiscretion the entire human race and the world alike has been affected.  The sin of Adam brought death amongst other things we deal with on a regular basis: disordered affection to say the least.

Think about your own family.  How has decisions of one affected the whole?

I often think about families with an Alcoholic.  The decision to take a drink, something so seemingly insignificant, or a pop a pill, can lead to such conflict and hurt and pain.

The children, though not drinkers, bear the effects of the decision to drink and all that comes from that in their life.  I think about AlAnon and AA and the many other programs out there to help restore families to  some degree of sanity.

Just as one can bring havoc so the opposite is true.

Paul reminds us that the flip side is more important: "how much more did the grace of God and the gracious gift of the one man Jesus christ overflow for the many."

How much more..

We live in the "more" of Jesus.  Though we have been affected by the choice of Adam we are not bound by it.  We are never bound by the negative decision of another.

There is something more as Paul points out, "the gracious gift of the one man Jesus Christ overflowing for others."

Just like in Christ, we too can bring about "much more" and effect many with graciousness.

We continue the graciousness of Christ int he world for the many.

This is where we need to set our heart and mind.

We "reign in life through the one Jesus Christ."  Think about that.  This is the power of Christ which stands above the effects of Adam and the onslaught of death.

How do we imitate Christ in lifting up those around us as opposed to bringing the down?

What does our life extend: the effects of Adam or the promise of Christ and his graciousness: death or life?

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