Wednesday, November 20, 2013


2 Macc 7:1-31; PS 17 Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full; Luke 19:11-28

What does a mother's love consist?

Think about that for moment?  How does the image of a mother's love take shape in our heart and mind?

There is so many things to be said about a mother's love.

I am not going to bore you with a list of possible answers to the question.  However, I will direct your attention to the  first reading which invites us to not so much rethink or re imagine what a mother's love consist of but rather to yeah and instruct us to see what is and should be at the heart of not just a mother's love but love itself in all relationships.

The reading goes as follows, "Most admirable and worthy of everlasting remembrance was the mother, who saw her seven sons perish in a single day, yet bore it courageously because of her hope in the Lord.  Filled with a noble spirit that stirred her womanly heart with manly courage, she exhorted each of them in the language of their ancestors with these words: 'I do not know how you came into existence in my womb; it was not I who gave you the breath of life, nor was itI who set in order the elements of which each of you is composed. Therefore, since it is the creator of the universe who shape's each man's beginning, as he brings about the origin of everything, he, in his mercy, will give you back both breath and life, because you now disregard yourselves for the sake of the law."

And to the one son she continues, "Do not be afraid of this executioner, but be worthy of your brothers and accept death, so that in the time of mercy I may receive you again with them."

She encourages her son to die.

Most mothers are excellent at making sure the material needs of their children are met.  Most do this in an disorderly fashion that is they only focus on this reality.  So many neglect the spiritual part.  And this is where their love s shaky at best.

In fact, to neglect the spiritual aspect of a child's life is to neglect the life itself.

This is what the mother shows us. True love will never forsake the spiritual well being of another for the sake of the material but will forsake the material for the sake of the spiritual.

Look in to your life?  How do fair in regards to the material welfare of those you love?  How do you fare in regards to the spiritual welfare?  Which takes precedence?  Which is primary?  The answer to the question reveals the state of your love?

Perhaps like in the gospel we have stored away the gold coin God has given us, hidden in a handkerchief.  It is time to bring into light and be creative and apply a little elbow greece to the spiritual side of reality.

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