Thursday, November 21, 2013


2 Macc 2:15-29; Ps 50 To the upright I will show the saving power of God; Luke 19:41-44

We continue to read and reflect on the stories of faith in the book of Maccabees.  We heard the story of Eleazar, the 90 year old who chose to remain faithful rather than scandalize the youth.  We encountered the mother who encouraged her seven sons to be faithful regardless of the torture and impending death sentence so as to live the faith and die worthy lives.

Today we encounter Mattathias who decides to no longer be passive but chooses to take action as he puts his life on the line for his faith and the faith of the nation.

He refused to be bought by accolades and promises of friendship with the king along with gold and silver for the betrayal of his faith.

He becomes the aggressor as he seeks to restore order to his nation.

The story of Maccabees eventually leads to the festival of lights; it is where the Jewish days of Hanukkah celebrate the rededication of the Temple at the time of the Maccabean revolt.

The feast reminds and retells the story of the light that refused to burn out.

Ultimately the stories of faith we encounter in the book of Maccabees all point to that same reality of the light of faith refusing to burn out.

Darkness and doubt may arrive on the scene but it will also depart for the light of faith burns steady and true.

The Maccabean revolt is the revolt of light against darkness; hope against despair; faith against unbelief;  

Every time we pray and live our faith we enter into that revolt ourselves; we put our lives on the line.

We become active and no longer just passive believers.

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