Thursday, January 23, 2014


1 samuel 4:1-11; Ps 44 Redeem us, Lord, because of your mercy; Mark 1:40-45

Sometimes God will let us taste defeat.  Sometimes victory will seem far off. Sometime we will have to retreat with our head bowed low.

Even this is grace.  We see this through out the story of the nation of Israel.  Defeat is often an instrument God uses to bring them and us into right disposition: humility.

Sometimes others will be praised more than us.  Sometimes fame and notoriety will bypass us and land on another. We have choice we can rejoice in the goodness of another or let jealousy and rivalry slow erode our honor. We see this is Saul today, as David returns from the battle field and the people sing songs about him, exalting him over the King.  Saul has a choice to make.  HE can let the jealousy erode his kingdom or not.

Sometimes what we see as a negative can actually be a positive.  If we take it to prayer rather than react then we might discern  the true nature of the moment or the true nature of that we experience.  W emus always be willing to go deeper, willing to leave the surface behind.

Sometimes the crowd is too much and it is necessary to step back and create space.  Jesus not wanting to be crushed by the crowd steps off land into the water where he can distance himself to give him space to maneuver and to continue to teach and heal and preach.  "He told his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, so they would not crush him."

Sometimes we too must distance ourself from the people we care for, that we might be recharged and renewed so that we continue to give of ourselves.

We must be on the look out for these "sometimes" moment or experiences in our life; they will help us with the all time wonder of God's grace.

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