Thursday, September 4, 2014


Luke 5:1-11

Coincidence?  Events or circumstances that link together without any apparent connection at least historically.  Things happen that make you scratch your head.

How often in our life have we had moments like this, and we are left scratching our heads?

could there really be  such a thing as coincidence especially in light of God's watchful gaze an providential care.

Yet, no matter how things come together they still require our "yes."  We have to respond to these moments.  For instance in today's gospel, Jesus trying to escape the pressing crowd spies two boats and just happens to get into the boat belonging to Simon Peter.  Coincidence? Or Godcidence!

One wonders whether Jesus was setting Simon up.
Obviously Simon knew who Jesus was, Jesus had just cured his mother in law the day before.  Jesus had spent time with him and his family.  Jesus was no stranger.  

Yet, there was more in store.  Perhaps Peter figured he would occasionally welcome Jesus into his homes and offer hospitality as he traveled "this"way.  Peter was already disposed or open to Jesus in his life.  This small opening became something more over time.

Jesus setting Peter up.

We go back to the boat and what do we get but an invitation to do more and to be more: Put out into the deepwater and lower your nets for a catch."

Jesus is basically telling Peter to not settle for less, to be open to so much more.

In this brief moment or encounter things would never be the same.  Stepping into Peter's boat, Jesus was unlocking Peter's heart and stretching his mind.   The miraculous catch overwhelmed them.  What were they thinking?  What were they feeling?

What an encounter with Christ!  Yet this brief moment, this small occurrence began a journey that would take Peter from a small town in Galilee to Rome, from being a leader on a boat to leader of the Church, from battling storms not he seas to facing down the crowd as he was crucified upside down.

What a moment.  All it took was a simple yes and they left everything and followed him.

What began as a casual encounter, a genuine welcome in to his life, became oh so much more.

Jesus was setting him up.  Perhaps he is setting us up too.  Be on the look out!

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