Sunday, September 28, 2014


Ezekiel 18:25-28; Ps 25 Remember your mercies, O Lord. Phil 2:1-11; Matt 21:28-32

The other evening I was coming back from Houston.  I had went with a few priest to drop off some sacred vessels that needed to be replaced.  Then we swung by to visit a bother priest who was recovering from surgery in MD ANderson.

Needless to say, though I am saying, it was late when I was returning to Cuero.

On the way back, along Highway 59/I69 I saw a billboard on the side of the road that was intriguing.

So I picked up my cell phone and decided to call just to see what was going on with these billboards.

At first I got a recording about truth and how truth is knowable.  Then a live voice came on the phone and asked me the following questions:

1:which billboard did you see and what did it say?

So I told him.  Then he asked 2) have you made arrangements for heaven?  SO I told him yes I was making arrangements for heaven.

3)then he asked if I read the bible?  I told him yes.  But do you read it daily he inquired?  Again, with the affirmative I responded.   4) then he asked if I knew Jesus.  I responded I know Jesus and I know him better each day.

After I answered the questions, the gentlemen on the phone seemed a bit disappointed.  He was disappointed that I answered yes to his questions.  Then he hung up the phone.

The billboard is a lot like today's gospel and our first reading.  They are reminding us that we have some say in the important things in life.  Personal responsibility has been laid at our feet.  God has given us the ability to choose this over that and it is what sets us apart from all other creatures.

God has already chosen us.  We see that in the second reading where St paul reminds us that Jesus empties himself to become man and takes upon himself the cross.  God has reached in to our life and chosen to be part of it.

Now he waits for our response: yes or no.

The beauty is that God is infinitely patient.  God will wait for us.  He will not retaliate against our refusal.  He will wait for us as we see illustrated in today's gospel.

The unfortunate thing is this:  though God's patience is infinite, our time to respond is not.  Our time is limited.  Time is precious.  Rejoice in God's patience but don't wait too long.

As we read in the opening prayer at funerals. "Lord you have set a limit on this present life that it may open an entry unto eternity."

May God's infinite patience spur you on toward him.  MAKE HASTE AS GOD WAITS.

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