Thursday, April 30, 2015


John 13:16-20; Acts 13:13-25

This is the beginning of today's gospel reading for us to meditate on, "When Jesus had washed the disciples' feet, he said to them…."

Imagine in your mind this scene once again.  Don't hurry past it.  Picture Jesus on his knees tending to the dirty soiled feet of his followers.

Imagine what will unfold in a just a few moments.  When Jesus rises from the floor, he shall be betrayed, denied, abandoned by those whose feet he just washed.

How often does he get the same response from us?

How often does he do more than wash our feet and yet we continue to treat him with ingratitude.

Go back to that image, "When Jesus had washed the feet of his disciples'"

All of those feet resting in the hands of Him who was about to receive the nails of the crucifixion.

All of those feet that stand in stark contrast to Him whose feet shall be blood stained and bruised from the path to Calvary.

All of those feet that will flee from harm to seek safety, while His feet remain bound on the wood of the cross.

When Jesus had washed the feet of the Disciples'.

"No messenger is greater than the one who sent him." These are his words once had washed their feet.

How often do we think ourselves greater than Him who sent us?
How often do we forget our role?  How often do we forget the example he set before us?

How often do we forget we are the messenger?  We are sent by another!

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