Thursday, September 24, 2015


Yesterday we heard Jesus tell the Twelve that as they go they are to "take nothing with them on the journey."

Take nothing.  Imagine living in an attitude that Jesus invites the Twelve to embrace.

We are not talking about down sizing.  Many people down size that is they take inventory and get rid of stuff in their homes or garages that they have stored away but really don't use on a regular basis.

For them to down size is no big deal.  There normal life will not be affected in any particular way.  All that is happening is more space is being created for different stuff to fill as life goes on.

Jesus is inviting the Twelve not so much to down size but to truly be dependent.  He is asking them to go with out necessities that one needs when a journey is embrace.

Take nothing just the clothes on your back and go.

How many of us could do that?

This invitation by Jesus brought to mind the words of St Francis de Sales, "desire nothing, refuse nothing."

These are particularly haunting words because they demand a complete transparency of self desire.  Desiree nothing, refuse nothing means we must be freely at God's disposal.  We are to desire nothing for our own benefit or personal gain but truly live completely for the glory of God and his gain as the kingdom grows by the life we live.

We entrust our lives in to his providential care.  Refuse nothing invites us to remember that God holds all things in his hands both the joys and trials of life. All things work for Good for those who love God even if we don't see the good immediately.

Desire nothing, refuse nothing.  Are we at God's disposal?  How often does our self desires or comfort get in the way?

Int he words of Cool hand Luke, "sometime nothing is a cool hand."  With God it is the only hand.  We extend our hand with nothing and trust he will fill it.

Take nothing.  Desire Nothing.  Refuse Nothing.

Nothing leads to everything.  Just as God creates from Nothing the immense beauty of the world and all it holds an doffers so God creates anew with the nothing we bring to the front each day anew.

This certain happens when we go out and go forth to proclaim.

This is what Pope Francis reminds us in the homily of the canonization of Junipera Serra.  We keep our hearts form going numb by going out and going forth to proclaim the kingdom.

In that simple proclamation nothing brings new life and the world is recreated anew.

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