Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Yesterday we celebrate the feast of the archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael.

The angels are God's invisible way of watching over us, guiding us, guarding us.

They are God's messengers.

The feast day itself is meant to engender in the heart of the believer a deeper sense of gratitude as well as devotion.  In this reality we are invited to live with a greater sense of serenity and confidence that we do not go alone.  God ha snot abandoned us.  We are not orphans.

God has great care and concern for us.

As we thank God for the gift of the angels we are also invited to imitate them inner life.  Just as angels are God's messengers  to us so we too become God's messengers for one another.

Michael acts with God's strength.  Gabriel brings God's word which is usually an invitation to new life as we recount in the message of the angel to Mary in Luke's gospel.  Raphael brings God's healing as described to us in the book of Tobit where Tobit's eyes sight is restored and Tobiah and Sara are united in marriage.

We too can act with God's strength, bring God's word of new life, and reach out with God's healing.  we do this in very practical ways daily with those we encounter in our life.

How do we encourage others?  How do we bring God's word of life in situations that are difficult and overwhelming?  How can reach out and touch others with God's helping embrace of comfort and consolation?

Lastly,  it is said that St Michael appeared to the three young people at Fatima prior to the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  He taught the three how to pray as is recorded by the youths.

He told them to pray in such manner, "God, I believe you; I adore you; I hope in you; I love you; I beg forgiveness for those who not believe yet, hope yet, adore yet, love yet."

We can find strength in these words of the Angel.  When life is trying and hard repeat, "God, I believe you, I adore you, I hope in you, I love you."

Pax et Bonum

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