Friday, November 6, 2015


Romans 14:7-12; Luke 15:1-10

In the evening of our life we shall be judge on love, so says John of the cross.

He goes on to say that we should learn to love as God desires to be loved and not in our own ways of acting.

Think about that for a moment.

We live in an age of personal taste an personal fashion.  Every one wants to have their own style or their own way.  We all want to stand out and do it differently.  We want to do it our way.

Yet, to follow Christ a different demand is made: love God as he desires to be loved.

The true fashion of Christ is not love as we want to love but to love as the other ask of us.  This is a greater act of love.

It is easy to love according to our standards, but to love according to god's standard is really where true growth is obtained, not to mention true liberty as well.

When we hear the words of St Paul, "so then each of us shall give an account of himself to God" we should be thinking a bout how we love god as he desires daily in our life.

Then in the gospel Jesus tells us about the Shepherd that leaves the 999 to rescue the one or the woman who turns her house upside down looking for a penny then throws an extravagant party for all once it is found.  This may seem shocking and it should.

Who would throw a party for a penny?  Who would care about that one sheep that refused to follow the rules and continued got it set fin trouble?

God does!  Each individual is the most important person in the eyes of God.

We are called to look upon one another with the eye of God and to love with the heart of Christ.

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