Friday, November 6, 2015


Romans 13:8-10; Luke 14:25-33

We will hear a lot about financial responsibility over the next few months and year that is approaching.  Given we will be in an election year, the talk will constantly be about our deficit.  How do we get out of debt?

Can a country ever get out of debt?

But not only do we think and talk about our government's financial issues, we also talk about our own.

Every household is constantly dealing with the financial issue of budgeting.  We focus on income and expense and we all want a balance budget.

What about budgeting love?  Can we ever have a balanced budget in regards to love?

We all what love to be equal.  We want the expense of love and the in come of love to balance out.  In fact, most of us would rather have the in come of love to far surpass the expense of love, what we give away.

We all want to operate in the black.

But is this possible!

St Paul tells us to owe no one but the debt of love.

We are forever in debt in regards to love.  God's love for us is always greater than our love for him.  This is good news.  God doesn't ask us to repay him in a negative tone.  God is not a bookie taking an accounting on love but rather he wants his generous bestowal to move us to do the same in our life.

This is why St Paul is so incessant and persistent in this regard: owe nothing to anyone but love one another.

The beauty of spiritual physics is the more we give the more we receive.

Th balance budget of love can never be achieved; we will always receive more than we give.  This is the way God has designed it to be.

Our task is to rejoice in it and then live it fully.

It is not that we love God but that he first loved us.

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