Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Monday Dec 14 was the commemoration of the John of the Cross.

So here are few insights from this saintly priest of the Carmelite order.

"Words are like the Sun; they do tot he heart what light does to the field."

Think about the words we use today.  How do they bring light and warmth?  How do they build up an invigorate?

"Where there is no love then put love and then you will find love."

"In the twilight of our lives, we will not be judged by the possession we have gathered or accumulated but on how well we have loved?"

Where is love in our life?

"if you want to be sure about the path you are traveling then simply close your eyes and travel in the dark,"

Only a mystic can say something like this and it be meaningful.  Though we are all called to be mystics.  SO it should resonate with each of us as we read it.

We have to stop relying on ourselves and stop trusting our own vision and rely on God and trust his vision for us.

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