Wednesday, June 22, 2016


2 Kings 17  Matthew 7:1-5

We read in the first reading for this past monday that the people of Israel were being removed from their  land and their homes.  They were being exiled. The king of Assyria deported the people of Israel from Samaria to Assyria.

Imagine such a tragedy if you can.

The question is why did this happened?

We are told this "came about because the children of Israel sinned against the LORD…by following the rites of the nations…"

What does this mean?

It means the children of Israel sunk to the level of their surroundings.  They were busy blending in when God had asked them to be set apart, to stand out, to be different.  But rather, they chose the route of least resistance and allowed themselves to sink to the level of their surroundings and blend in than being true leaven for society.

what about us in our life today?

How often are we tempted to sink to the level of our surroundings and just bled in?

This is what the devil wants.  The devil wants us to blend in, to become children of complacence, to follow the path of least resistance.

Think about where in our life we have blend in and become one with our surroundings?

Where is God inviting us to stand out and be set apart? Holiness means to be different, set apart, stand out.  This is our call and mission.

One of the areas we blend in most is areas of sexuality and sexual expression.  We have thrown chastity out the window all in the false name of liberty.

We have sunk to the level of our surroundings.

Take a look today and see.

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