Monday, June 27, 2016

But first

Amos 2:6-10;13-16; Ps 50 Remember this, you who never think of God; Matthew 8:18-22

"And the stouthearted of warriors shall flee naked on that day, say the LORD."

What an interesting image.  Think about Stouthearted warriors for a moment.  What comes to mind?  Burly and bearded men with axes and blades, scarred and ready for more.  These are men with our fear.  These are folks who have been battle worn and tested.

They have seen the fight.  They have blood in their eyes.  They invoke nightmares in others.  Stouthearted warriors are those one doesn't mess around with.  I think of the song, "Don't mess around with Jim."

You just don't mess with these guys unless you have a death wish.

Yet before the might of the LORD these might warriors, these men of terror, tuck their tail and flee naked.  Certainly, makes us rethink about the might of God.

And then in the Gospel we have Mark's version of the gospel from this past weekend.

The response of the disciple to Jesus is quite telling, "Lord, let me go first and..."

Again, what reasons do we come up with in not following the Lord. What is our "but first" in life that causes us to delaying following Jesus and his church more faithfully and totally.

What other priority do we place before the Lord in his call for us?

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