Saturday, July 23, 2016

Give us this day our daily love

I sit here at my desk preparing for another wedding celebration here at the parish.

Again, here are few pointers about life together as husband and wife, for what its worth.

The reading for today is chosen from the book of Tobit and Tobiah and Sarah find themselves praying on their honeymoon and these are the words they use:

"Lord you know I take this wife of mine not because of Lust but for a noble purpose,  Call down your mercy on me and on her and allow us olive together to a happy old age."

They began their wedding night together with prayer and acknowledgment of Marriage as a noble vocation not just an ordinary event but that which has cosmic effects on the world.

It reminds of there word of Pope Francis as he addressed the crowd of couples engaged to be married.  He said often times people are fearful of forever.  They just aren't sure how the former can be achieved in a world that is so disposable and wasteful with commitments to each other.

Forever is not a question of duration as much as it is a question quality.  If you let the Lord in to your marriage and life together then know that just as he multiplies the loaves and fish he can multiply your love and give anew fresh he day.

He recommended that couples pray daily a simple prayer: give us this day our daily love.

Here again the Lord is given the opportunity to work daily in the life of marriage his miraculous gift of transformation and allowing love to be fresh and fruitful each and every day.

This way love can truly conquer every difficulty for the Lord is present in it and working through it: Give us this day our daily love!

Give it a try!

Then when it doubt focus on the three A's of marriage: attention, affection, appreciation.
Attention to detail, affection from the heart for the heart, and appreciation that takes nothing for granted.

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