Sunday, July 17, 2016

One thing

Genesis 18:1-10; Ps 15 He who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord; Colossians 1:24-28; Luke 10:38-42

What have you done for God lately?  What have you done for God today?

What do you do for God in your daily life?

I ask these questions because at some point our life of faith engenders this kind of response to life as St Paul tells whether we live or die we do it for the Lord.

Think about the thoughts and words and actions that go into this day; of those which will be offered for the Lord.

Often times we are busy gaging our actions for the Lord, or at least we we think, though much is for ourselves and not for the Lord.

But at the heart of today's readings is not so much what we are doing for the Lord but what the Lord has done for us.

What has God down for us, for you and me today?

Martha is concerned for what she can do for Jesus but her anxiety arises because she has forgotten what Jesus can do for her, the very same thing Mary realizes as she sits at Jesus' feet.

We can run around on our two feet like martha or we can sit at His two feet and listen for this is the one thing necessary.

Our anchor isn't what we can do for the Lord but what he can do for us.

We must listen first to him before we can do anything. Listening to him speak is essential to transforming our society and our culture.

Being mindful of his presence and action in our life is essential to not getting overwhelmed by the anxiety of living, the worries and work and the load that often is associated with life and love.

Mary reveals this to us perfectly or rather Jesus reveals this to us in Mary's posture before him.

Each day, throughout the day ask the Lord to show what he has done.  Be mindful of his presence. Surrender the work load of life in to his merciful embrace.  Console his heart by trusting his loving gaze that accompanies us daily in our journey and walk such manner that e never forsake the better part but allow it to transform each day a new.

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