Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010

The first reading begins in a most fitting way as we close the old year and begin a new year, "Children it is the last hour." (1 john2:18-21)

The last hours of 2010 are upon us. Preparations are being made to welcome the new year and in our own hearts and minds we have already moved on.

We are people who love to look ahead. Seldom do we stop and look behind.

Perhaps we should do that today. Take a few moments from these last hours and look back over the hours spent this past year. Go back to the beginning.

What resolutions did you make? How did you carry them forth? Which ones did you succeed at and which ones were failures?

What kind of shape did your life take over the past 351 days? Have your relationship skills improved? Or are you still fighting the same fight with the same tools with the same result?

Where have you been surrised by the developments of your life and lives of those around you? Where have you been shocked? Where have you been challenged to grow and beocme the man or woman God created you to be?

When did you give love a fighting chance? When did you fight for love? When did you build up and when did you tear down?

How has your faith journey been affected by the journey of these past 351 days and nights?

Are you closer to God? Are you closer to surrender? Are you more willing to trust and let Him guide you?

How have you become a more impactful memeber of your faith community? Your comunity at large? Your family?

Where did you encounter a glimpse of the power of God?

When were you brought to your knees? When did you lift you hands in praise? When did you pray and truly talked with your God and listen to Him as well?

When did You laugh? When did you cry? When did you mourn? When did you Hope?

These are just a few questions to guide you in these last hours of this year as you prepare to welcome the hours to come in the new.

And remember, every hour counts for every hour may be the last hour and thus we are always moving toward the first hour of the rest of our lives.

Stop! Pause! Think! Reflect! Recieve! Open your heart and mind to the living God. As we learn from the Magi this Sunday, be not afraid to be led another way!

Don't drop the ball before the Ball drops.

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Abbie Kelly said...

Fr. David, you always have the best thoughts,homilies, comments--always 'to the point'. May God continue to bless you in your work through 2011 and far beyond. And may God not test us beyond our capability! Holy New Year!
Abbie Kelly