Saturday, April 23, 2011

He was buried

Today is easter saturday, which the name already suggest a joyful end to the destruction we experienced yesterday.

Our creed simple states about today that "he was buried."

He was buried. Think about that for a moment. Goodness itself has entered into the dark, damp, cold ground. The one who was the light of the world, the one who brought the warmth of eternity to earth has now embraced the coldness of death.

He is really dead. He fully participates in all that is human. Jesus travels the path of death right to the bitter and seemingly hopeless end in the tomb.

This is why we visit cemeteries today, at least traditional. We go to visit the dead for is this not what Christ does today. As we anticipate this evening vigil of resurrection we pause to remember that reality that Jesus descends into the place of the dead and visits them, he talks with them as only one who is dead can do.

As Christians it is here that our liveliness emanates; from this place of of sorrow, of anguish, of defeat, of desolation, of doubt we will encounter life.

For we anticipate the empty tomb and it is in this emptiness that we begin to be filled anew. But first we sit with Christ in the silence of his tomb, knocking, waiting, longing for truth to be known, he is risen. But in order to be risen, one must first die.

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