Saturday, April 2, 2011

Word from St Catherine of sienna

Catherine of Siena prayer to the Trinity:

"How, then, did you create, O Eternal Father, this your creature? [...] Fire constrained you. O ineffable love, even though in your light you saw all the iniquities, which your creature would commit against your infinite goodness, you looked as if you did not see, but rested your sight on the beauty of your creature, whom you, as mad and drunk with love, fell in love with and out of love you drew her to yourself giving her being in your image and likeness. You, eternal truth, have declared to me your truth, that is, that loved constrained you to create her."

Seeking to answer the question why is their something and not nothing, Pope Benedict states the following, 'the world is created not that there might be manifold things in heaven and earth, but rather that their might be space for the "covenant" for the loving "yes" between God and the human family. Creation is ordained to the dialogue of the love of God and his creatures.'

Just a thought for the Third Saturday of Lent.

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