Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Early to Rise

Isaiah 49:1-6; Ps I will sing of your salvation; John 13:21-33, 36-38

Today marks the last 6:30 am mass for Lent.

Here int he Parish we started a 6:30 every tuesday in lent mass just for the kicks. It was our lenten discipline as a parish, getting up early and dragging ourselves to church to unite ourselves in prayer.

Each mass was offered for the intentions of the people of Westhoff, Meyersville, Cuero.

Early to Rise, early to pray.

I must say, i have enjoyed it. It has been good to get the day started with prayer and Eucharist. I wonder if the people will want to continue it?

During these Tuesday morning Lenten Masses, I have been preaching on the wisdom of the saints, in particular the wisdom of St. Jose Maria Escriva.

And I will continue to do so.

IT has been said that wars are won by tired soldiers. The capacity to make demands of oneself is the key to success: sports, music,dance, business, study, etc.

Success is built upon stretching oneself, pushing oneself, disciplining oneself.

The same is true for the Christian life: St. Jose Maria Escriva reminds us that "tender, soft, flabby may be good for a belly but it snot good for the spiritual life. We must get rid of that peculiar pity we feel for ourselves. Our body has one fault, the more you indulge it, the more things it discovers to be essential to it."

We must stop excusing ourselves from the necessary task at hand: holiness. Everything, every circumstance points in that direction.

We must overcome indulgence, negligence, and idleness.

GOd desires and loves courageous souls.

Remember the words of St. Augustine. The moment you say "it is enough", that you have done enough, is the moment you are lost.

Early to Rise, Early to Pray, grace does not delay to strengthen us on the way.

St. Jose Maris pray for us!

"One of the disciples, the one that Jesus loved, was reclining at JEsus' side."

May this be us. Never too tired to recline on the chest of Jesus. We too must be willing to listen to his heart and their we find the courage to carry on.

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