Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mark: whimper into a roar

1 peter 5:5-14; Ps 89 For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord; Mark 16:15-20

 Today in the life of the church we celebrate the feast of Mark the evangelist, the writer of the Gospel of Mark.

 We know just a little about the evangelist. We know that his home growing up was a central meeting place for Christian worship (Acts 12:12). Thus, we know that Mark grew up in a home that was filled with Christian worship and this reality gave him ample opportunity to hear the story of Christ from the mouths of Peter and Paul and the other Apostles but also to grow up with faith being a concrete part of his lifestyle and his family's lifestyle.

 Having heard, he was then inspired; so much so he was sent on the missionary journey with Paul and Barnabas (Acts 13).

 However, Mark abandoned the journey and returned home. Paul (Acts 15:37-40) initially was upset with Mark for leaving the missionary expedition, considered Mark to be a quitter on the faith, and refused to take him along on the next journey.

 Yet, being not discouraged, Mark persevered, and overcame his fear and is believed to be the founder of the Church in Alexandria; Paul, toward the end of his life (I Timothy) no longer looked upon Mark as a quitter but rather someone who was transformed and became a very useful servant.

 It is amazing what grace can do, when we do not give up. Not only was Mark instrumental in spreading the faith in the early church, but he continues to be instrumental in spreading the faith today, through his heroic proclamation of the good news of Christ in the Gospel, we read still today.

 Even quitters can be a lasting instrument of God's grace, given the opportunity.

 What is interesting is that the symbol often associated with Marl and his gospel is the Lion. In England the Lion is a symbol of: leadership strength royalty courage honor .

Other symbols are the following: Power Dignity Authority Dominion Justice Wisdom Ferocity.

 Mark started out in a whimper than eventually found his roar.

 It is often said there is a lion that paces in every one's heart.

 Sometimes it just takes while to find the roar.

 BE Blessed!

 St Mark pray for us that we may not get discouraged with those we label as quitters, but always trust in God's grace to lead the way. May we also never get discouraged when we see the quitter rise within each of us at different moments, but learning from Mark's example we can just keep pushing forward.

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