Sunday, April 14, 2013

do you really

Jesus comes into our history to bring solutions to life's problems.  He comes with answers and he shows us the way: he is the way, the truth, and the life.

We like this about Jesus.  We want him to have solutions and answers for us as we navigate life's obstacles.

The easier the solution the better we like it.

Quick, easy, no hassel, ready to order, custom made to fit our lifestyle: these are the answers and solutions we want from Jesus.

But in the gospel, Jesus also has questions for us.

He isn't satisfied with easy solutions or quick fixes.

Jesus directs his gaze to the center of our heart: Do you love me more than these?

Standing on the shore, Jesus looks at Simon son of John, but he gazes directly at us.  Do you love me more than these?

Do you love me more than these boats, these nets, these sails, these brothers, this work, your livelihood.

It is invitation to examine as well as reorient our life. Our love can always be better, more intense, more faithful.

We hear the question; what is our response?

Do we love him more than these?

How does the profession of love we make materialize in action in our life? 

Do we "feed his lambs" or "have care for his sheep."

How often do we profess love for the shepherd but we deny the sheep?

Do you love me more than these?

This week think about the question Jesus ask?  Take your time with it.  Don't rush and remember the answer to the question is the solution for our lives!

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