Monday, April 1, 2013


The one thing that has been amazing is the development of technology.

In particular the development of the hand held computer, we call the smart phone.

I really enjoy my smart phone, all of the gadgets and components that go to make it up.

I love mostly the google map feature, where you can hit the little arrow button and instantly it zooms in on your location giving and address.

There are different views available as well: there is the standard where it gives streets an intersections, the hybrid version which zooms out and lets you see a bit of the land formations, then there is the satellite version along with the 3D version where you can see different colors, depressions are more noticeable , the reliefs are more prominent.

IT is amazing how different the landscape is with the light from above  then it is with natural light from down here.

Such is Human life seen from the rays of faith, in particular the light that comes from the empty tomb.  A new way of looking at the human landscape comes to focus.  Everything looks richer, more dynamic, more joyful.

Life comes into a deeper focus...the light of easter morning changes everything. The landscape of our lives take son a more brilliant appearance, a more significant reality unfolds.

He is risen!  a future of possibilities opens wide to us, a new dimension of human existence come sour way and is given to each us.  The light of Christ warmth fills our heart with gratitude and thus the recipe for a new way to live is granted us.

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