Thursday, April 18, 2013


A Poem by James Fenton

Awake, alert,
Suddenly serious in love,
You're a surprise.
I've known you long enough —
Now I can hardly meet your eyes.

It's not that I'm
Embarrassed or ashamed.
You've changed the rules

The way I'd hoped they'd change Before I thought: hopes are for fools.

Let me walk with you.
I've got the newspapers to fetch.
I think you know
I think you have the edge
But I feel cheerful even so.

That's why I laughed.
That's why I went and kicked that stone.
I'm serious!
That's why I cartwheeled home.
This should mean something. Yes, it does.

ABove is a poem about falling in love or should i say being in love. 

When that happens as it often does, doesn't it change the rules, love that is.

Things are different, in deed, more serious. 

Seriously, love changes the rules of the game and puts us all on edge. 

But does it really? 

How often have we professed love for God, for Christ. 

Is it love seriously or feigned? 

Love changes the rules of engagement, it puts us on edge...

"I love you Lord JEsus and praise you because by your Cross you have set us free" to love in return the way you loved us.

May we all be serious in the love we profess then our laughter will be louder and our joy will spread like wild flower, contagiously burning on the fuel that is love, seriously!

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