Thursday, August 1, 2013


Exodus 40:16-38; Ps 84 How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord, mighty God; Matt 13:47-53

Just a few glancing thoughts as we look at today's readings.

"It was Moses who erected the Dwelling."

The dwelling of God had been erected.  It was the place God had chosen to manifest his presence for the nation Israel to assure them of his guidance, his presence, his assistance.  It was God's way of nailing down for the people that they did not go alone.  It was an answer to Moses' request that God go with them on the journey.

We are a sensible people.  We need to see and touch the presence in order to find security and certainty for the journey.  The erected dwelling brought about that reliable reality the human heart longs for.

Though it was only a shadow of things to come as we see int he gospel of John, "the word become flesh and dwelt amongst us."

The dwelling erected by Moses hands is a foreshadowing of the coming of CHrist in the flesh points to the eucharist even here and now.

Every time we celebrate the Eucharist and receive with faithfulness we become the dwelling of God.

God has chosen to make our lives the meeting tent of his presence.  Think about that for a moment. As good and as bad as we are God chooses to dwell within us and to allow our lives to make his presence, his dwelling felt in the world.

The gospel points to the action of fishing.   A net is thrown and all is hauled a shore.

There is no prejudice and no discrimination as to what goes into the net.  All is gathered.  All is accounted for.  All is laid before the gazing of the eye of the one who sees most clearly.

In the end, it doesn't matter what we think or how think what belongs and what doesn't.  It isn't our judging that will matter but our living.  We are fish.

We get to swim in the ocean of the world we call life.  We do not know when the net will be cast and we will be hauled a shore but we know it is will come.

The life we had lived and the love we have offered will be that which determines the kept from the thrown away.

The angel will be sent to determine the outcome.  We will be like fish out of water completely vulnerable.

We should practice now by being transparent with out selves and with others.  We can no longer fool ourselves or others.

The angels will come.  They will know.  Let us give them something to rejoice about, a reason to keep us, hold on to us, bring us to the Father's embrace.

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