Friday, August 30, 2013


Mt 25:1-13

The parable of the ten virgins: 5 were wise and 5 were foolish.

As we read the parable, I wonder how many of the so called foolish virgins actually considered themselves foolish and how many of the wise virgins actually considered themselves wise.

My best guess is that the wise virgins were just being practical.  They thought ahead to realize that perhaps there might be a delay so why not bring extra oil.   After all being practical means we step aside from theory and focus in on reality and the actual doing of something. Being practical simply means put in to practice and after all isn't that what Jesus invites us to do throughout the gospel: practice, be practical, keep it real.

Or if they were like me, perhaps they were so afraid of the dark, they didn't want to be without light so extra oil they packed just in case.

The so called foolish well maybe they suspected the bridegroom to come a little earlier or maybe even ahead of schedule and figured they had it covered. Those darn presumptions seem to get in the way all the time.

But even before we get to the whys and whats of the virgins we need to stop and look at the bridegroom for a moment.

What gives with bridegroom?  What is his MO?

It seems the bridegroom has a particular habit of coming suddenly, arriving in unexpected moments.
Now this is important for us.  Understanding this can certainly help with the distinguishing factors of "wise" or "foolish".

The wise had known that the bridegroom liked the surprise, the unexpected entrance where as the foolish they were just plain stupid.  They didn't seem to focus on the bridegroom at all, just on themselves.  Maybe that's the difference.

Are we looking inward or outward; do we zero in on our presumptions or on the reality at hand?

Are we practical or just stupid?

In the end the foolish were just wedding crashers well as the wise were guest of the bridegroom.

Just a thought!

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