Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Daniel 7:9-14; Ps 97 The Lord is king, the Most High over all the earth;  2 Peter 1:16-19; Luke 9:28-36

"we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we have been eyewitness of his majesty."

Eyewitness of his majesty.

When we begin to discuss faith, we must necessarily begin to discuss trust.  Who do we trust?  Whose version of the story of salvation do we consider reliable?

How do we make sure we are not being duped?

These seem to be common questions raised by many who are searching for a reason to believe.  Many refuse to believe the testimony of so called "witnesses" or "believers" because they think their testimony is biased.

Many are in search of unadulterated truth.  They don't want someone else's testimony but rather they want to see for themselves, believe for themselves and not take another's word for it.

But most of faith is just the opposite.  We are invited to trust the word of another.  We are invited to let another lead us forth.  We are asked to listen to the witness of those who have gone before us.

This is strange concept for many yet they trust the word of News anchors or reporters and we know how much spin goes on there.

Most of us are hypocritical in this stance...we want to choose which witness we abide by and usually it has to do with the witness that best fits our situation and makes our life easy.

It is time to be honest with ourselves in order to truly be open to the truth revealed.

Secondly, How are we eyewitnesses of God's majesty?

In the gospel for the feast of the transfiguration, Jesus takes Peter, John, James up the mountain with him.

And while Jesus speaks with Elijah and Moises, the three, Peter, John, and James fall of sleep.

The good stuff is unfolding right before their noses and yet they are drowsy.

How often have we slept through the glory of God unfolding in our midst.  It is time to be awake, to give our attention fully to each moment lest we miss the unfolding of the mystery of God's life in and through our life.

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