Friday, December 27, 2013


Today we honor the memory and life of St. John the evangelist.

He is the writer of the gospel of John, the three letter of John as well as the Book of revelation.  St John was busy writing.  Some of the riches words describing the divine nature of Christ are from John's pen.

John is the one who wrote these word down: Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

John has a beautiful way with words: poetic and efficient with words used.

John is the only Apostle of the original that was not martyred.  He lived, w believe to be about 94 years old.   Think about that for  a moment:

John out lived most of if not all of his friends and family.  The gift of age can also be a martyrdom.  Yet John took it all in stride.  Toward the end of his life John was able to speak a  whole lot.  So when he would visit the early gatherings of communities he would say simply these words, "My dear children, love one another."

That is it.  All of what he wrote about the life of Christ can be reduced to that little phrase.  John reminds us of the simplicity of faith.  it does not have to be complex.

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