Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Throughout the Advent season we will be introduced to the Prophet Isaiah.  He broadcast the hope of Israel in the future of restoration to Israel.

It is an important message for our time as he describes this transformation of society at the hands of the coming Messiah.

Throughout his prophetic message he continually uses the phrase, "on that day" to direct our gaze to the horizon where something mew will be breaking forth in our world and into our lives.

He reminds us that though the present may be filled with darkness and trail, the future is bright for on the horizon just over the hill and beyond the curve there awaits a new beginning.  God's promise will finally bring that longed for reality where hope blooms.

But something to remember is that as Isaiah beckons at the gaze of that day we who now live our faith must realize that "that day" is now "this day" each day anew.

We have already received the Messiah.  The horizon has already birth the new hope into our hearts with the coming of Christ.

We no longer just await something new to enter into our world but rather that newness we actually carry with it daily.

As we live and by our life of faith, this new reality Isaiah speaks about has already arrived and arrives this day, each day, and every day.

This is the duty of Advent: to make "that day" "this day" by the life of faith we have in Christ.

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