Thursday, July 24, 2014


JEremiah 2:1-13; Ps 10 With you is the fountain of Life, O Lord.  Matt 13:10-17

The psalm refrain this morning is fitting for July in Texas: with you is the fountain of Life.

As I drive around Cuero, I see sno cone stands selling cool refreshing flavored ice chips for those who can't stand the heat.

I see little children sitting on the corner of their streets selling fresh made lemonade.

It all seems so enticing.  Lemonade stands and sno cone vendors are reminders to me of God as Jeremiah describes Him: the source of living waters and the psalm remembers Him: the fountain of life..from your delightful stream you give them a drink.

We know this as people of faith.  We know that God is the one who can quench our thirst and cool our parched lips so to speak.  Yet, like the people of Jeremiah's time we find our selves looking for drink in other places.  We too dig broken cisterns that hold no water.

Think of the places that you seek to be refreshed that isn't God.  Perhaps it is the entertainment business, maybe food, maybe indulging in drink, indulging in sweats, maybe in exercise, maybe in work.

Where do we find our relief rather than going to God in prayer and truly surrendering or living out God's command to serve others rather than seeking to be served.

We all have dug broken cisterns.  How often do we keep going back to the wells that run dry?

Identify your broken cisterns today and then redirect your steps to the fountain of life.

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