Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Isaiah 10:5-7,13-16; Psalm 94 The Lord will not abandon his people; Matthew 11:25-27

Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel.  Mount Carmel is along the Mediterranean Sea in Israel.  It has a deep biblical roots.

It was on Mt Carmel that Eljiah slew 400 false prophets defending the purity of the faith of Israel.  Fire  came down and consumed the offering prepared by Elijah as the false prophets danced and sliced at themselves drawing not even a whisper from their pretend God.

It was on this mountain that a group of men gathered to devote themselves to prayer and living out the gospel of Christ in what was later called the order of Carmel or the Carmelite order.   St Simon Stock became the superior of these men and eventually women who dedicated their life to such a mission. (13th century).

This place is known for its contemplation and meditation one the life of Christ as it is experienced in reality.

Not to long ago, I stood upon this mountain and celebrated the Eucharist for over 60 pilgrims as we were wrapping up our tour of the Holy Land.

It was the perfect place to end a pilgrimage.  In this place, Mt Carmel dedicated to contemplation, we were able to look back on our trip and trace the lines of God's gift to ourselves. The contours of grace became more evident as we looked back over the past ten days.

This reality of looking back and pondering in order to allow the grace of God to gain greater clarity is precisely what our lady of Mt Carmel is all about.

Mary herself pondered all these things in heart as Jesus' life and ministry unfolded before her.  She being the first disciple of Christ continue to exemplified to us the path way we are to follow in our own lives.

Today look back on your life.  Revisit the pathway your life has taken.  Look over the valley from the new height your life has risen. As we ascend with Christ to new heights, we must pause to look back and see anew the contours of grace like a living stream that holds us ever closer to the heart of Christ through the example of the heart of Mary.


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