Saturday, March 21, 2015


March 19th we celebrate the solemnity of St Joseph, husband of Mary and foster Father of Jesus Christ.  We honor him as protector of the holy Family.

Joseph has a major part in the unfolding of salvation history though he isn't given any speaking parts.  He is behind the scenes tending to those entrusted to him, quietly allowing the will of God to unfold in his life.

Isn't this like most of our lives?  Most of us will not be in the lime light.  Most of us will be easily overlooked?  Most of us will not have notoriety or get special attention.  Yet, it matters, all of it all of the time matters.

Our lives no matter how big or small are important in salvation history.

Joseph quietly tends to the business at hand then quietly he fades in to the backdrop.  He is where and when he needs to be with little fuss.

Perhaps, this is why his life is so important in our life.  We can follow the pattern of holiness his life exhibits on a daily basis.  He took care of his wife and child.  He went to work to provide for them.  He made sure they had security.  He taught by example not by word of mouth.

This is the witness we need in our present age.
Joseph trusted God, he respected those around him, and he was self sacrificial in such a manner that goodness abounded in his life.  Trust, respect, goodness are the attributes we need to rediscover in our life.

Nothing was too small or to great.  He did what he needed to do.  And he walked a lot of miles in order to get it done with never a complaint or question just careful discernment and action, follow through.

St Joseph could easily be the patron saint of a firm resolution, the patron saint of learning how to follow through in action.

ST joseph pray for us.

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