Thursday, March 26, 2015


Numbers 21:4-9

The first reading for this tuesday of the 5th week of lent began with these words, "With their patience worn out by the journey, the people complained against God and Moses."

Now, I don't suppose any of us can't relate to this particular reality and sentiment.  How often have our patience been thread bare because of the journey.  We get worn out because of the struggle with life, the fight for love, the refusal to give in or give up or change.

We wear out in all the wrong places.

Yet, St Jose Maria Escriva has a solution.  He states that we should always be aware of the gap between our "wanting" and the "giving of oneself".  This gap directly corresponds to how we have or don't have patience in life.

The gap between the wanting for our self, that is doing things with ourselves in mind, seeking our self in love, and the giving of ourself, making a gift of our life for the other.

If we are to truly be effective in life and happy then we have to continually uproot self love and plant love for Jesus Christ.  Here the gap shrinks and patience abounds in an through our life.

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