Friday, March 27, 2015


Jeremiah 20:10-13; John 10:31-42

This morning, shortly after 2 am, my sister gave birth to her second child.  I believe that makes 23 or 24 grandchildren for mom and dad.  I received a photo of her, this little jewel that was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long.  wow!  I still hurt to think about delivery.

My first thought was, what a special gift on this friday in lent, this friday before that friday we call good.  A beautiful friday baby as entered our world.  It reminded me that Every Friday because of Good Friday is always about life.  Now we have one more reason to remember it so.

the readings for today are all about darkness and the anticipation of death.  From Jeremiah we hear, "terror on every side! Denounce! let us denounce him! All those who were my friends on are the watch for my misstep."  

Of course in the gospel, Jesus is in hot water and the Jews have stones in their hands and are taking aim.  Jesus again escapes from their power as St John informs us.

Yet we know Jesus will not escape from their grasp.  We know Jesus will allow himself to be taken.  He will hand himself over.  Beginning this weekend with Palm Sunday, things will begin to take shape once again.  We will be confronted with the Cross, the crucifixion, the passion of Christ.

Thus we recall the words of the anima Christi prayer, "passion of Christ Strengthen me."

Because his passion is about life, we need to be fully alive and that fullness only comes through the cross.

This friday may the passion of Christ strengthen you and the fullness of life embrace you.

Happy birthday to my niece and happy birthday to all of us who count the passion of christ as our gift of new life.

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