Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dynamic Duo

Today is the feast of St. Marcelinus and St. Peter. Marcelinus was a priest and Peter assisted him in his ministry. They were a dynamic duo for Christ in the early church. They were a force for good as they journeyed through the 3rd and 4th century. They endured imprisonment, nasty treatment all the while leading others to Christ by their example, even those who held them captive.

For their death, they were taken to the woods, charged with clearing a space and then digging their own grave before being beheaded and buried. Later, the guards who led them to their death experienced a conversion as well.

The Hagiographer, the one who writes the story of the lives of saints, states that they were brave in the practice of their faith.

Here is something to ponder for today. How are we brave in the practice of our faith?

They were eager to live their faith in boldness even when they knew everything was on the line. They neither wavered nor hesitated.

To be brave means to be daring, bold, and even defiant.

How are we daring for Christ? How are we bold in our living the Christian faith? How are we difiant in Christ against the world that assaults us daily?

We need bravery if our faith is truly going to bear witness.
These days bravery consist in choosing to not live with your girlfriend before marriage. Bravery consist in being chaste in your relationships. Bravery consist in setting aside time for prayer and recollection. Bravery consist in going to mass every Sunday.
Bravery isn't what it use to be but nonetheless it is still demanding and dynamic.

The dynamic duo of MArcelinus and Peter, pray for us.

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