Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HOly Trinity

This past week Friday I was invited to a parishioners house to delve into her Genealogical research. She informed me that we were related through her late husband's family.

So i went and sure enough, we were related. My great, great, great grandfather and his great grandfather were the same person.

Johann Christ was the root of our relation. Johann's oldest son is my great great grandfather. In fact, JOhann, i discovered to my delight is buried in High Hill cemetery, the place I have been serving for the past year. IN fact, I spent friday afternoon at his grave sight.

It was neat to discover that i have a little Christ's blood in me....if you don't mind the play on words.

As I was looking through the records I was surprised to discover that through my great great great grandfather I was related, though distantly, to many of the parishioners here in Schulenburg.

What a small world. IN fact, when you do Genealogical digging, I discovered that the furthest you go back the more likely you are related to people you never thought possible.

THis discovery changes how one relates with others. I found my self feeling different and wanting to be better.

This is some degree is what the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity is about. This feast is about who God is from all eternity. IT takes all back to our root, where we all come from.

We come from that eternal communion of love that seeks to create space for the other. THis communion of love that is distinct yet the same. God doesn't have love but rather he is love, love that reaches outward toward the other.

This is the root of our life, the connect that binds us all together.
This is important. We are made in the image and likeness of God. Thus, who God is determines who we are called to be. God's revelation is our illumination.

IF we are to ever reach our potential that we too must learn to be as God is, that communion of love that doesn't seek it self in love but rather seeks to give that love away. Here in lies the source of our joy and happiness.

Remember the first words spoken by God in Genesis that is negative. Adam is alone in the garden with the animals and eve has not yet arrived and God speaks, "It is not good for man to be alone."

Why is it not good to be alone. Alone we can never enter into that mutual exchange of giving and receiving love. Only with another can we become who we are created to be and truly realize our identity and purpose as being made in the image and likeness of God.

Only in communion can we truly experience the truth our being. W eare all different but we are all the same in love as revealed by God as a Most HOly Trinity

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