Monday, May 20, 2013

100 days

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of Pentecost.  It marked about 100 days since we began the Lenten journey.

When the new president comes into office, there is a big deal made about the first 100 days.  Apparently the first 100 days will determine and direct the remainder of the presidency.

I want you think about these last hundred days , the last hundred days of your life.

Remember the beginning of Lent.  How we all gathered as a people of faith and we journeyed down the center aisle with heads bowed low and hands in prayer.

We approached the minister to receive the mark upon our foreheads and as the ashes were smeared we heard those words, "remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return, repent and believe in the gospel."

That days was going to mark the beginning of something new and different in our life.  We were going to pray a little harder, fast a little more, give until hurt, in order to be transformed.

Or perhaps we were praying, fasting, giving, not for ourselves but for loved ones, co workers, or friends who were struggling.

Then the journey began.  So much has happened since then.  We have new Pope.  The former Pope resigned.  New conflicts have arisen around the globe and old conflicts flared up again. We have had massacres and bombs exploding and fertilizer plants exploding.

We have also journeyed with Christ through his passion, death, and resurrection.  We celebrated no meat fridays and Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  We heard the passion narratives, we experienced the light conqueror the darkness at the Easter vigil.  We all gathered on Easter to hear the trumpet sound of victory as the Alleluia's filled the air and Christ is risen echoed through the churches around the world.

Then we walked with Jesus and the apostles through the various resurrection narratives: road to Emmaus, the upper room with wounds exposed, the Sea of Galilee with breakfast by the fire and butt load of fish to boot.  We experienced the Ascension and the great commission.  Finally, the promise of Christ never to leave us was realized as something of heaven descended upon us and the Spirit of God filled the world.

Through it all, are we different?  Are we better?  Have we made strides?
Change is no longer just a pipe dream but it is realized in the outpouring of the Spirit.  We are no longer "just" human, but the SPirit of God has chosen to unite himself with our SPirit.

Ponder that today.  Let Pentecost happen daily in our life.

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