Friday, May 3, 2013


1 corinthians 15:1-8; PS 19 their message goes out through all the earth; John 14:6-14

Reminders.  Think about that crazy yet powerful word.  How often have we been reminded of something or someone and in that moment a change took place in us and in our lives.

With our memory newly jogged and brought to a deeper awareness, life takes on new meaning, a new dimension opens wide before us that was previously hidden and out of sight.

Often times, when I look at my calendar in the middle a busy day and see an appt. that is approaching or that is upon me, i am quickly reminded to either wrap things up so that i may  be ready or it reminds me to say no the present offer since I have a previous commitment.

Many times these reminders get me out of bind.

Or sometimes, I get a call and all the other end of the line, I am told they are calling to remind me of something out of courtesy.  THese courtesy calls can be invigorating especially if it s something i am looking forward to be involved in.

Many times I get  invitations or reminders to upcoming engagements, fabricated from some magnetic piece that can be easily placed upon the refrigerator, a posted note to remind me.

My engine light comes on to remind me i need a oil change.

My alarm clock rings to remind me to rise and shine.  The bless on the church ring to remind me about mass or to stop and pray the Angelus.

Where would be without constant reminders?

St. Paul begins the reading for today with these words, "I am reminding you of the Gospel I preached to you, which you indeed received and in which you stand.  Through it your are also being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached, unless you believed in vain..."

And what is this gospel: Jesus died for us, for our sins; Jesus was buried; JEsus was raised on the third day; Jesus appeared to Peter and then to the other Apostles and then to Paul himself.

In other words: Jesus is alive and we are alive in Christ.

Here is a reminder we should not forget.  HE is risen and we rise with him daily.

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