Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Galatians 5:1-6; Luke 11:37-41

Here are two phrases to ponder over the next week

"For in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision nor circumcision counts for anything, but only Faith working through love."

Jesus tells us in the gospel as he speaks to the scribes and pharisees, "But as to what is within, give alms, and behold everything will be clean for you."

Faith working through love.

This phrase can be taken many ways.  One way is the following that faith is working out the kinks in love as we experience it daily in the ebb and flow of life.  Love sometimes gets bottlenecked in life do to our reactions to various circumstances outside of us and our temperaments inside of us.

Faith is trying to iron out the kinks in love as we mature in the Spirit.

Think about the kinks you experience when you try to love another or even respond in love to God.  What keeps holding us back?  What runs interference on daily basis: pride, arrogance, greed, anger, gossip, running at the mouth, hurtful thoughts, lust and the list could include much more.

Faith in practice seeks to iron those realities out of our life as we journey forth.  In Christ Jesus what counts is Faith working through love.  Sometimes we just got to be patient and work it out.

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