Thursday, October 30, 2014


Ephesians 6:10-20; Ps 144 Blessed be the Lord, my rock;Luke 13:31-35

Fashion.  It is always the big talk.  What is fashionable?  What is the trend?  There is always a fall line and a spring line when it comes to the latest fashion.

Skirts and shirts and pants and dresses and purses and shoes or heels, or flip flops or pumps or wedges, all of these are incorporated into the newest fashion for folks to put on and lay claim to the fashion bug.

Yet, St paul reminds us that regardless of the outer wear we dawn we must remember we are part of another fashion show each and every day.  We belong to an invisible and very real spiritual fashion show and these matter most of all. the amor of God: truth,  righteousness, readiness for the gospel of peace, faith, the spirit, prayer and supplication.

This is God's fashion line.  We are invited to get with the fashion of grace and faith daily in our life.

Today or tomorrow when you go to your closest and look at what awaits you or if you can't decide what to wear be sure to be convicted in your spiritual fashion as you walk out your door.

The inner wear is timeless the outer wear will fade and always change.  God's fashion never goes out of style.

In today's gospel, we encounter Jesus lamenting over Jerusalem.  This place of lament is marked by a church built in the shape of a tear drop there in the holy land over looking the valley: Dominus Flevit.

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