Thursday, October 16, 2014


Ephesians 1:1-10; PS 98 The Lord has made known his salvation; Luke 11:47-54

What's the point of monuments and memorials?  Who or what are we honoring?  what are we trying to remember?  And do they in fact make an impact on the lives of others?

Jesus calls into the question the memorials and monuments  of the prophets of his day.  What was the motivation of erecting these things and what did they it actually recall?

In Jesus estimation, the memorials were not erected out of honor for the prophets but rather to recall their murder because they spoke the truth.

The same reality happens in our day in age.  I think about the Holocaust Museum.  It helps us recall the tragedy of inaction.  The museum and monuments of the Holocaust remind us what happens when we move too slowly; it reminds us what happens when we delay our response or refuse to see what is right before our nose. It is a glaring indictment on humanity that refuses to seek the good of the other.

It is this inaction, the inability to stand for truth and justice that is meant to pierce our stubborn minds and hard hearts.

It is one thing to build a monument it is another to roll up our sleeves and get busy with elbow grease and sweat equity.

Stones are easier to deal with then flesh and blood and it is flesh and blood Jesus wants to stay close to and wants us to stay close to as well.

What monuments or memorials keep us from rolling up our sleeves in our own lives?  What monuments represent our own inactivity?


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