Friday, May 29, 2015


Sirach 44:1-23;

As we continue along this journey with the book of Sirach, we encounter these words of the sacred writer, "I will now praise the godly, our ancestors, in their own time."

Then he goes on to mention that these godly men and women of old were to be found in a variety of walks of life: subduers of the land (farmers, ranchers), counselors, seers, princes, lawgivers, sages of composition, writers of proverbs,  composers of melodies….

Where do we find godly men and women?  We find them anywhere and everywhere.  Godliness is meant for every one.

When is the last time we used the term "godly" to describe someone?

Do we consider ourselves in the category?

Do we live our life in such a manner that when we die the first word pressed upon the lips of those who mourn would be that we were "godly?"

If not then it is time to reevaluate our purpose in our life!

To be godly means to put god first in everything.

I heard a conversation yesterday evening while I was with a group of people celebrating life.  While in line, I over heard a conversation that was striking.

A lady in leaned over to the person in front of her and said these words, "faith is a very personal thing so one must be careful when they speak to another about it."

It is true that faith is personal but personal doesn't mean private.  In fact,  think it time we stopped tiptoeing around the topic all together.

Faith is personal because God has revealed himself as a personal God, "the God of Abarahm, Isaac, and Jacob."

Yes it demands a certain degree of delicacy not because of the the believer but because of the one we believe in.

Secondly, personal faith does not mean what i believe is ok and what you believe is ok and we should just get along.  Belief must be rooted in truth.  There is only one truth not multiple truths.

A conversation, a dialogue,a  discussion should constantly be had about our beliefs so that we can get down to the truth of the matter and remove ourselves from the dross of our own opinions.

Just as Jesus  in today's gospel chases the money changers out of the the temple (Mark 11:11-26) he demands a try understanding of faith and wants to remove the dross of error.

Just because someone believes something personally doesn't mean they aren't personally in error.  The only way to get the heart of the matter is by conversation, public conversation, discourse, and continued  faith seeking understanding.

Just a thought.

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