Thursday, May 28, 2015


Sirach 42:15-25Ps 33 By the word of the Lord the heavens were made; Mark 10:46-52

As we continue to be guided by the reflection of Sirach, a few words stand out this morning: "he is from all eternity one and the same, with nothing added, nothing taken away; no need of a counselor for him!"

These a few words the sacred author gives us in regards to better understanding who God is.  We are told that God does not need a counselor.  Think about these words for a minute or two.  A counselor is someone who advises another, gives them direction, guidance and helps point them in the way of wholeness, hopefully anyway.

How often do we try to counsel God in our life?  How often do we try tell God what he should be doing, how he should be doing it?

Yet, we are told no need for a counselor for him.  Today try not to counsel God in the way he should act in your life.  Rather, be open to his counsel, and pray for the ability to accept, to surrender, for the grace to be led by Him.

In the gospel today we meet the blind man, Bartimaeus, on the roadside to Jericho.

Side note: Last night I got a cal around 10 am from a gentleman who was stranded on the side of the road.  He was looking for assistance.  It seems Bartimaeus makes an appearance often around these parts.

Back on track.  The crowd was trying to keep the blind hand silenced as he cried out for Jesus' attention.  It makes one wonder who is really blind, Bartimaeus or the crowd.  Bartimaeus is well aware of what Jesus can do.  He sees clearly who needs to be in contact with.  The crowd though they see physically are blind spiritually.

It's the same in our society today.  The crowd wants to silence those who cry out for Jesus.  Which means, like Bartimaeus, we need to cry out all the more.  We must refuse to be silent. Just because we are told to quiet down doesn't mean we should.

Bartimaeus is a good witness for us.  He refused to be hushed by the crowd.  We too must rediscover our voice.  We need to speak up, speak out.

Bartimaeus finds what he is looking for and it isn't just his sight but rather a path way of life and love as scripture tells us, "immediately he received his sight and followed him on the way."

Once again God who needs no counselor gives counsel and the wise man follows the path illumined by Christ.

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